Unique Business Registrations

Private plates and domain names to get you noticed

UBR Plates is an established company and a specialist business that sources and sells personalised number plates. 

UBR Plates operates differently to many other larger companies in the market place. Our low running costs enables us to offer our clients great value for money which means as a customer, you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal in a very competitive market place. We have a varied selection of personalised number plates which are updated frequently. 

UBR Plates will be responsible for the transfer process or the change of name on the retention certificate. You don’t have to use the plate on a vehicle straight away, you’ll get a V778 document that proves you still have the right to use the number for the upto 10 years.

Our members of staff are always on hand to offer friendly, unbiased advice without any pressure on the client to make a purchase. Our website is simple to navigate and designed to make your purchase choice as easy as possible.

Thank you for choosing UBR Plates.

We are happy to discuss marketing opportunities and joint ventures, we also offer a number plate loan facility. Please contact info@ubrplates.co.uk for details

UK Registration Plate History

1903: The Motor Car Act required vehicles to display a registration number. The first plates issued were made up of one letter with one number; A1 was first made available by London County Council. These had black backgrounds with white, grey or silver text.

Mid-1930s: By this time, registrations were exhausted and three letter-three number plates were introduced.

Mid-1950s: Registrations were reversed to three numbers-three letters.

1963: For the first time, a unique letter was introduced to signify the year of registration.

1968: The change of age-identifiers was moved to August 1 as opposed to annually at year-end.

1973: Reflective number plates were made compulsory for new vehicles – with black letters on a white background at the front and a yellow background at the back.

1998: The government announced the age-identifier would change every six months in March and September.

2001: The current format is enforced, including font, area code and age-identifier.

2018: All vehicles manufactured before January 1978 (40 years ago) were permitted to display the older-style black plates.